Heroes Sports offers several ways to get service members and veterans out of the house and interacting in the community.  We participate in parades to honor the service members who participate and make the community aware of their service.  Heroes Sports also provides concert tickets to provide an outing for veterans through music and entertainment.  We are also grateful for partnerships with professional sports teams, which allow our veterans to attend sporting events, sometimes with their family, to support the veteran household.

Heroes Sports Utah

Heroes Sports Utah softball team was in league night action last night! They pulled off the run rule for the first time ever. Dusty Littleford said it best, “What a great way to end my season. With surgery this Friday I'll miss the last 4 games and playoffs, but damn last night was fun. Heroes Sports has made me feel normal again. It has allowed me to get some much needed stress relief. It's also an outlet for my crude humor most civilians find offensive, but vets laugh at.” We look forward to growing our organization for more local communities.

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